Eyelash Lifts Is the Answer to Your Cosmetic Issues

Lash Lifts are a new innovative temporary technique that enables you to add an enhanced, curled or otherwise thickened look to your thinning, weak or damaged lashes with little or no risk of the damaging results of eyelash extension. Lashes are attached to the eyelashes using either sewing hooks or special eyelash glue. Lash lifts are cheaper than artificial eyelash Extensions and last up to two weeks depending upon how frequently you wear them.

In recent years women have been demanding longer, fuller and more vibrant looking eyelashes. Eyelash extensions have been available from well known cosmetic clinics in the UK for many years but they are expensive and it was not until recently, with the availability of seduction lashes that they became widely available on the high street. However, they are now affordable for all and are not just for celebrities any more. They are now so much easier to apply and can be applied in a short space of time and still give you amazing results. As eyelashes are glued into place, they are very difficult to remove and this has led to women asking the question are lash lifts safe?

Are Lash Lifts Safe and Permanent?

The short answer is yes. If you are considering eyelash lifts and are considering whether to go for either glue or lash lifts then you should check out the products which are currently available on the market. One of the most popular options is Instyle lash lifts which are fantastic options if you are looking for something that is not permanent and also safe. They are designed by an expert who is trained in both cosmetology and cosmetic surgery.

The majority of people are familiar with the Instyle lash lift and can apply them fairly easily. This is because they are designed to be applied by a professional beautician or even bought over the counter at a beauty shop. The Instyle lash lifts are made up of tiny individual lashes which are placed behind your current lashes to make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker. There are different designs available depending on the look you are going for and the shape of your eyes. You will notice that some are made with very fine, curly lashes whilst others are very thick and appear to curl your lashes.

lash lifts

One of the main differences between eyelash lifts that are permanent and those which are semi-permanent is the amount of time it takes to remove them. Semi-permanent lash lifts are the ones that take around 48 hours to remove but are not as noticeable. The sedation you receive will help you relax during the procedure but once it is completed the only other thing to do is to keep applying your mascara. There are other types of lash lifts such as Elysee and glue and they are designed for different lengths of lashes. The process is quite the same as a traditional eyelash extension however instead of being inserted behind each lash, it is inserted before the natural lash starts to wither.


The main difference between a semi-permanent and permanent eyelash lift is that the latter does not leave a scar behind but rather a lighter line of skin is left behind. Semi-permanent lash lifts are most effective on persons who suffer from chronic dryness and are therefore unable to apply their mascara with ease. However, some patients are not eligible for this particular type of procedure so if you are thinking about this procedure you should try to wait at least 48 hours before applying mascara.

There are other options you can consider other than just lash lifts such as Beeler. Beeler is artificial eyelashes, which are designed to look like your natural lashes but are thin and are often thicker. They are often more effective than the average mascara. Beeler is similar to extensions but is not as popular due to the cost of the product. Also, you must know that several people are allergic to beer and extensions therefore you must always make sure to get them prescribed by your doctor before going in for any treatment.

Eyelash and lash extensions are the best alternatives when you are considering having shorter lashes but are unable to do so because of medical reasons. Also, if you are unable to get yourself collagen injections or veneers then you are often able to get cheap false eyelashes such as gel and glue. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your overall makeup skills then you should try out one of the lash lifts which are great for changing your overall look.