About Us

So, this is a blog about professional makeup and I have to say that I got hooked on this stuff since I was fifteen years old. My best friend is eleven and she started getting real good at it when she was about that age. She wanted to get like all the girls around and when I suggested eyelash extensions, she said that they would be perfect for her. I have never seen anyone as addicted to makeup as my friend.

The main thing that she likes about having longer eyelashes is that she can wear mascara with them and not have to do any of that gross glue stuff. She will have two separate lashes with extensions in each of her eyes and sometimes when she wants to change the angle, she does just that. She has always loved bright colours like purple and she likes the look because it makes her feel young and hip and part what makes her happy is that when people ask her how she gets such good looking eyelashes, she says that it is because of all the mascara she puts on them every night before going to sleep. She also likes to use the eyelash brush and use it as a fine-tooth comb to put the extensions in so that she can make sure that they are all put in good. She loves having the lashes grow longer with each wash.

This is a blog about cosmetic enhancement and this is what my friend wears now. She has been getting good at using the curling irons and she has made such good progress that she can wear these irons with just about anything, even if it is a sleeveless dress. She gets them done every two weeks or so but the best thing is that she does not need mascara with them anymore because she has always used mineral makeup on her eyelashes. She still has to touch upon her eyebrows because she likes to make sure that she does not miss any of the lashes. She gets good at this and she does it so well that when people come to see her, they do not even recognize her because her eyes are so beautiful.

This is a blog about eye makeup and this is what my sister has to say about mascara. Her lashes are always full and heavy and she does not need to put as much as most women do when they use this type of makeup. When her lashes are heavy, she does not want to put mascara on to give them definition so she does not. Sometimes she will put just a touch of eye shadow on and some bright lipstick on and this makes everything look wonderful. Her makeup artist makes her lashes look incredible and she loves that she can have a lot of options.

This is a blog about eye makeup and this is what my niece has to say about the eyeliner that she uses for the business. Her natural colour is a dark grey and this is what gives her the smooth lines and the ability to make them appear very light. Her liner does not clump and she does not have to worry about that happening because it does not blend as well as some other eyeliners. She does recommend this eyeliner from Jane Eyeshadow because it does stick to her lashes well.

These are just a few examples of this blog being written by someone who works in the professional beauty industry. It is easy to see how important makeup is to everyone. Everyone wants to feel as though they are coming across as more than just a pretty face when they are applying makeup and this is a blog about professional makeup. Anyone can apply makeup and have people see that they are making the best facial appearances possible. Everyone wants to impress their friends and family and this is a great way to do that.